NVIS Direct

Customers in the United States wishing to purchase NVIS products and associated hardware peripherals (i.e., motion trackers) may purchase directly through NVIS. You may contact us using the email form below, or call NVIS at (571) 201-8095. Press extension 1 for sales or 2 for support. You may also send us a fax to (571) 201-8806.

NVIS Authorized Resellers

Customers in Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia may go through our reseller network to purchase NVIS products and associated hardware peripherals.

NVIS Authorized System Integrators

NVIS has teamed with select manufacturers and developers to enhance the value of our products by offering display solutions integrated with motion tracking, software development environments, and/or high-performance image generators. System Integrators are authorized to sell NVIS hardware when bundled with their products and services.

Contact us via e-mail

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