nVisor SX111

nVisor SX111 wide field-of-view head-mounted display. Featuring dual SXGA displays with 76Hx64V degrees FOV per eye, total of 111 degree FOV.


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Brightness (fL) 5
Contrast > 100:1
Display Technology LCOS
Pixel Defects / Eye <= 2
Resolution 1280x1024
Spatial Resolution (arc-min/pixel) 3.6
Cable Length (m) 4.5
IPD Range (mm) 55-73
Weight (g) 1.3 kg
Exit Pupil (mm) 12
Eye Relief (mm) 25
Focus/convergence Infinity (optional settings available)
Geometric Distortion < 1%
Monocular FOV (diagonal) 90
Monocular H FOV 76
Overlap 50 degree (66%)
Total HFOV 102
Vertical FOV 64

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